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Top 5: Time management tools, FOSS cryptography, and more

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In this week’s Top 5, we highlight time management tools; thoughts on FOSS cryptography; tips and resources for MySQL beginners; Python file-management tricks for digital artists; and 12 open source games for Android.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. 12 open source games for Android

We took a look at 12 of the best open source Android games in the F-Droid repository. My favorite is Lexica, which is similar to Boggle.

4. Python file-management tricks for digital artists

Just another great tip from open source creative Jason van Gumster: Learn how to manage your files with Python automation.

3. MySQL and database programming for beginners

MySQL’s community manager was at All Things Open, which wrapped up this week. (And, wow, what a week! You can find out more about how we spent All Things Open, our photo booth, and some of the great sessions by talented folks on our Instagram and Twitter.) This interview with Dave Stokes highlights some of his favorite tips and resources for MySQL beginners.

2. Distributing encryption software may break the law

In this article, J.D. Bean says, “Developers, distributors, and users of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) often face a host of legal issues which they need to keep in mind. One area that often escapes notice is export controls. It may come as a surprise that sharing software that performs or uses cryptographic functions on a public website could be a violation of U.S. export control law.” Learn more about it in his article.

1. 3 open source time management tools

My esteemed colleague and I gave a talk at All Things Open this week about open source productivity hacks, and prior to it, Jason Baker wrote this helpful article of free and open source tools for tracking of your time using these methods: a Pomodoro timer, a time tracker, and a web activity tracker.

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