• Wednesday , 8 April 2020

Top 5: wearables, Django packages, diversity, best articles

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In this week’s Top 5 articles of the week, we highlight Adafruit’s favorite wearables in 2015, five Django packages to try, diversity in open source this year, and some of the best articles published on Opensource.com this year.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. Best of Opensource.com: Top 20 articles of the year

Community Manager for Opensource.com Rikki Endsley gives us the most popular 20 stories of more than 1,000 that we published this year.

4. Diversity in open source highlights from 2015

Which diversity in open source stories did you follow in 2015? Outreachy alumni, Cindy Pallares-Quezada, shares a few of the year’s highlights.

3. Best of Opensource.com: Tutorials

In 2015, Opensource.com published a number of great tutorials in open source. Scott Nesbitt takes a look back at the best of them.

2. 5 favorite open source Django packages

Django contributors Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Jeff Triplett, and Frank Wiles share their 5 favorite Django packages in 2015.

1. Adafruit’s best open source wearables of 2015

Director of wearables at Adafruit, Becky Stern, shares her favorite open source wearable products and projects from 2015.


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