*TRUE* Photorealistic Graphics – Can You Spot The Difference ?


In this special video, we are going to watch some great TRUE photorealistic graphics. Most of them are made by an open source program named Blender. Can you spot the difference?
Music used:
Beyond Skyrim Bruma OST

I did not made these demos myself! All the credits for the demos go to the authors!`
For the Blender demos, credits go to the original authors!
UE4 end outdoor scenes:
Art by Rens


21 responses to “*TRUE* Photorealistic Graphics – Can You Spot The Difference ?”

  1. looking at those photorealistic graphics suddenly makes the simulation hypothesis seem pretty possible xD in some years from now when we perfect an AI and make a world full of AI people and let it run at 10x 100x 1000x speed would the AI inside that world understand that everything is happening in a peace of machinery

  2. For outdoor scenes, the one thing that gives it away is in my opinion, the fact that it looks too "clean". Also notice that on any scenes with soils, we can't spot any insects like ants, etc. which looks completely unnatural.

  3. The last ocean one is a so close to perfect. The movement of the water is a bit too fast and repetitive though (it's just mounds and pits that invert over time). I've noticed that waves always have a direction they're travelling in and if they're met with other waves, they eventually slow down and fade away. The water looks fantastic but the sky has too much dynamic range of aiming for photorealism (although you could say it was shot on a phone with HDR I guess)

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