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Turn a .svg file into a 3D printable model using Blender

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This is a short video tutorial showing how to use Blender to turn a .svg file into an .stl (3D printable model). The operations shown in the video require no specific training on Blender and are accessible to anyone. Blender is a free 3D modeling software.

There is no audio in this video, for a better understanding of the whole process you can consult this blog post:

In this specific example, you’ll learn how to import the .svg file of gear and extrude the shape into a printable cogwheel. You’ll also learn how to easily create an axis for this gear using a boolean operation.

In the video, two shortcuts are used for specific operations:
– Set the geometry to the origin of the plan. To do that, you’ll need to use Shift + Ctrl + Alt + C
– Change a “curve” object to a “mesh”. To do that, you’ll need to use Alt + C

Those are very simple yet useful shortcuts.


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