Up Your Landscape Game With Mountain Photography

If you have tried mountain photography before, you know that it is addictive. If you have not given it a go, this video is a great place to start. It walks you through the production from conception and execution of the idea through editing. 

My favorite landscape photographs have always tended to be those which prominently feature the majesty and magnitude of a mountain. In this video, Andy Mumford is at Rifugio Lagazuoi (2,752 m) in the Italian Alps. In just about one month, I am headed for the Alps myself. In my efforts to prepare for the trip, I’ve been looking up videos on shooting in the Alps, and I particularly liked Mumford’s, as he takes his time explaining setting up, framing, and the post-processing of his images. 

Thus far in my life, I have lived exclusively east of the Mississippi in the United States. As such, proper mountains (and I mean actually impressive, proper mountains) have been something I see only on trips. While the Great Smokies (or Mount Mitchell just east of the Smokies) in western North Carolina are quite beautiful, they cannot really compare to the Rockies or the High Sierras. Prior to leaving on my trips, I try to prepare as best I can to increase the likelihood of walking away with photographs I’m proud of, as there isn’t much room for trial and error. 

Have you photographed the Alps in Winter and/or tried your hand at mountain photography?

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