UV Mapping Fastest and Easiest Way in Maya 2018


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Tutorial showing the fastest and easiest way to UV map using the new tools in Maya 2018 combined with a special workflow I developed to speed things up further.


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  1. Hey Malcolm. I purchased your UV mapping Toolbox for Maya script last week. I'm using Maya 2018 and I updated to service pack 6 as instructed but the script still won't appear on the shelf. I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be awesome.

  2. Hey man thanks for all your videos ! I'm not really a big fan of Maya, but your teaching method as well as working smart not hard suits me very well and you've definitely helped me simplify a lot of things that frustrated me.

  3. Hi Malcolm,
    Not sure where to write this suggestion.
    Is it possible to write a script which would allow to select UV Edges in Maya 2018 UV Editor?
    By "UV Edges" I mean mode which would allow us to select edges without automatic selection of corresponding edges on other UV islands as well.
    Often it is much easier to select an edge than vertices.

  4. Hey Malcolm, Great Video, I have a question though…. When I use the 3D cut and sew tool when pressing D to unwrap the shell, Maya unwraps each shell to take up the entire 1-1 space in the UV window. Unlike in your video where it is spacing them out to some degree even before you've run your script. Is there some setting to achieve this? I'm running 2018

  5. The only problem I am running into is that the UVs aren't really changing colors when I separate sections of the object. I would really like to replicate the 3D Coat experience but I can't really visualize what I am doing efficiently without that color coordination.

  6. When you hit 'D' to unfold your shells, how are you getting them to automatically straighten and fit themselves to your UV editor map? Mine just overlap each other all over the place by default.
    SOLVED In case anyone else has this problem:

    1) In the UV Editor window go to MODIFY > LAYOUT [Options checkbox]
    2) Under the 'Shell Pre-Transform Settings' section turn on SHELL PRE-ROTATION (Vertical / Horizontal, whatever your preference) and turn on SHELL PRE-SCALING (Preserve 3D ratios)
    3) Under the 'Layout' section set SHELL PADDING to adjust the allocated space between shells (malcom341 has suggested 6 or more)
    4) Click LAYOUT UV'S

  7. I like maya. Its a powerhouse on rendering and animation, but geometry and UVs…? Max is king. Maya is lame and laggish on geometry control operations. Max on the other hand, is powerfull and flexible on geometry control… By the way… Autodesk… would you put some coin on it, and merge those fucking two together already?!… Thankyie…

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