UW Certificate in Photography: Alumni Spotlight

Purnima Bhaskaran explains how the Certificate in Photography helped advance her career and also gave her a new perspective on life. To learn more, click here:

Video Transcript:

To be creative for the sake of it is, it’s really important, especially when working in design, to have that one outlet that you can call all for yourself, and for me I thought it was in stage design, but as I got into it I realized I like the imagery aspect of it. I liked what frames I was seeing, making the posters were like, my favorite part ever, and there was a huge play that we were putting on but I loved making the poster better, so I took away from that that I really liked imagery and that’s what I wanted to be creative in.

I used to look at other photographs, other images, and go to galleries but never understood the thought process behind it, which is what I think, I hope that this course would give me and when I came in here it was a whole different world all together. The things we learned, it was amazing.

The point was, not in terms of the equipment you had or whether you knew how to use it or not, but is to understand what goes into an actual photograph. Once I got into the program and started working through the different assignments we were set up with, the smaller assignments were what really opened my eyes.

What do you need to make that image great? And you start working towards that. It’s all in the moment. When you stop planning, start living in that moment, and doing the best you can possibly do in that moment, even in terms of creating a photograph, in terms of creating a design, or just living life in general, it starts creating such a difference on your outlook, because you’ve done the best you can for that one day. And that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

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