What Is the Best Medium Format Film Camera for Portraits?

Medium format sensors are usually housed in expensive cameras, but with film bodies, you have far more options without having to remortgage. In this video, one film photographer discusses what the best medium format film camera for portraits is.

This video will likely attract some vitriol in the Fstoppers comments on two charges: one is film and the second is medium format. Well, for those of us who enjoy both, the conversation is worth having. If you don’t believe there’s a medium format “look” and that film photography is pointless, move right along.

Vuhlandes is a brilliantly talented photographer who shoots a lot of film. Among his cameras are medium format bodies and in this video, he discusses the pros and cons of one in particular. Among his collection is the iconic camera, the Mamiya RZ 67,  which has — rightfully so — a cult following. With the waist-level viewfinder (one of my all-time favorite features of cameras through the years) you get a shooting experience that is singular. While I would vote for the Mamiya RZ 67 in this list, I haven’t shot with very many medium format film bodies and can’t draw informed comparisons.

Do you ever shoot medium format film? What camera would say is the best? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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