What's the Future of Photography?

No doubt, photography is in a time of change. As the abilities of cameras skyrocket, ironically, the demand for photographers decreases, as all that technology makes it easier for normal consumers to get photos that are good enough for their needs. So, what is the future of photography? Is the industry going to look completely different in a decade or two? What will cameras be like? This interesting video tackles some of those questions. 

Coming to you from David Bergman with Adorama TV, this great video discusses the future of photography. We are certainly in an interesting time. We have seen the rise of the smartphone utterly decimate the lower end of the camera market in the last decade, leaving behind mostly more specialized and niche tools. Personally, I do not think the dedicated photographer is ever going to disappear; there is always going to be the need for someone with the kind of creative vision and ability to bring complex projects together that only an experienced shooter has. Certainly, though, we will continue to see change, and the wise photographer will work to stay ahead of the curve instead of hanging on to bygone standards. Check out the video above for Bergman’s full thoughts. 

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