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When OpenOrg and OpenGov collide

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On Thursday, February 18, the Open Organization community on Opensource.com gathered for its first #OpenOrgChat Twitter chat of 2016.

We began the year with a robust discussion at the intersection of the open organization and open government movements. Nearly 50 people participated.

Below are highlights from the conversation.

Q1: Why is OpenOrg thinking especially important for governments (of all sizes) today? #OpenOrgChat

Q2: What govnt functions/services most desperately need #opengov and #TheOpenOrg renovation? #OpenOrgChat

Q3: What’s the relationship between “management” and “government” today? How are they different or similar? #OpenOrgChat

Q4: What can #TheOpenOrg movement learn from the #opengov movement? #OpenOrgChat

Q5: What are the most important #leadership qualities for #opengov leaders today? #OpenOrgChat

Q6: What are your essential #opengov reads? #OpenOrgChat

Q7: What unique challenges do governments face when attempting to implement #TheOpenOrg principles? #OpenOrgChat

Q8: What can citizens do to encourage their governments to adopt #TheOpenOrg principles? #OpenOrgChat

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Missed this chat? Join us for the next one!

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