• Friday , 24 November 2017

Why accountability gets a bad rap

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Open organizations demand emphasis on accountability. This month, the open organization community at Opensource.com tackled accountability’s finer points during its regular #OpenOrgChat on Twitter. Check out the following recap—and get ready for the next chat.

Q1: What is accountability? How do open organizations specifically embrace the concept? (from @brookmanville) #OpenOrgChat

Q2: Does accountability have a negative connotation? Should we change that? How? (from @samfw) #OpenOrgChat


Q3: How can we enhance accountability without creating cultures of excessive blame? (from @woohuiren) #OpenOrgChat

Q4: How do we ensure accountability when coordinating internal and external communities? #OpenOrgChat

Q5: What is accountability’s role in a meritocracy? (from @sc_mccann) #OpenOrgChat

Q6: What is the relationship between accountability and transparency in open organizations? #OpenOrgChat

Q7: What’s the best way to balance accountability with freedom? (from @woohuiren) #OpenOrgChat

Q8: What is “360-degree accountability” and why is it important? #OpenOrgChat

Q9: What have you found to be the best way to encourage accountability? (from @woohuiren) #OpenOrgChat

Q10: How do you ensure accountability across geographical locations or on remote teams? (from @allisonsm7) #OpenOrgChat

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