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With the EOS R and the 6D Mark II, Is Canon the Best Option for Vloggers?

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However much Canon may be seen to have dropped the ball over the last couple of years, there’s still a strong argument that two of its most recent cameras — the brand new EOS R and last year’s 6D Mark II — are the best options for vloggers.

In this short video, Camera Conspiracies offers a compelling argument for why he regards Canon as the best suited to his workflow, citing the flippy screen and low weight of two of its full frame models. For him, Canon’s competitors all have niggling little problems that make the EOS R and the increasingly affordable 6D Mark II much better options.

What’s fundamental to Camera Conspiracies is convenience, which for someone whose work is about speaking to the camera and uploading to YouTube, will always take precedence over quality. When you consider that the vast majority of his viewers are watching on devices where 4K is simply not possible and that his content doesn’t require incredibly high resolutions, this makes sense. For the countless vloggers out there, it’s difficult to fault his logic: a flippy screen and good audio should be a priority, and if it doesn’t leave you with repetitive strain injury in your shoulder, even better.

As well as comparing it with alternative systems, Camera Conspiracies suggests that the EOS R will be a go-to choice for many once the price drops to something more realistic — say, $1799, especially when paired with one of Canon’s stabilized, affordable primes. Given that Canon is lining up two new bodies for 2019, a price drop might be a reasonable expectation.

Is he right? What is your best system for vlogging?

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