Yii2 + Bootstrap 4 integration and bug fixing | yii2 tutorials


Yii2 framework comes with bootstrap 3 out of the box and if you want to integrate bootstrap 4 it is not very straightforward task.

In this video you will see how to uninstall bootstrap 3, install bootstrap 4, fix the bugs and make your application working with bootstrap 4.

⭐⭐ Project source code ⭐⭐

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14 responses to “Yii2 + Bootstrap 4 integration and bug fixing | yii2 tutorials”

  1. This video is completely invaluable (just like all of your videos). There's no way I would have attempted to upgrade Yii2 to bootstrap 4 if you hadn't put this video out, but now I can do it for every new project. I am indebted to you and it feels wrong that I've not paid you for how much you've taught me. Thank you!

  2. Thank you very much for these videos. For anyone that is developing in advanced version (having backend and frontend), and is watching to set the actioncolumn buttons, ensure to put the overridden "grid" folder under frontend or backend respectively otherwise the solution shown in this video will bring errors. Cheers.

  3. Excellent! I was trying to open create, view and update page as modal over index page in grid view. I can do that in bootstrap 3 but can't do in yii2+bootstrap4. Do you have any tutorial solving this issue? Also update the index page at create and update without refreshing. Please share.

  4. I already knew almost everything but it is so fun watching your videos that I had to watch it for the knowledge .👍
    Could you please add video on Vue Js setup with yii2 as I am very much comfortable with this and as now I want to learn vueJS so I do not want to discard yii2 for some other languages .

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