You Need to Fail as a Photographer

It seems strange to say that you should fail as a photographer, but that can actually be one of the best things that can happen to you. This fantastic video discusses why failure is one of the most important parts of growing as a photographer and creative. 

Coming to you from Brendan van Son, this great video details why failing as a photographer is an important thing. As he discusses in the video, when you are doing anything creative and pushing boundaries, you are going to have times in which things do not go well or your vision does not pan out as you had hoped. In fact, that can be a good sign. If things are constantly going well, you might not be experimenting and pushing yourself as much as you can to grow as a creative. Of course, it is important to not just make mistakes but to learn from them, which is why I recommend taking time to review your missed photographs as well and to try to identify trends in your errors, such as weaknesses in your technique or overreliance on certain creative trends or post-production methods. Check out the video above for the full rundown.  

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