#04 Advanced CRUD App Using Bootstrap 4, PHP & MySQLi Prepared Statement In Object Oriented Style


Hello world! this is the last part of the series Advanced CRUD Application using Bootstrap 4, PHP and MySQLi Prepared Statement (Object Oriented). And in this part I’m showing you how to view details of a particular record.

Source Code: https://dcodemania.com/post/crud-app-php-mysqli-prepared-statement

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27 responses to “#04 Advanced CRUD App Using Bootstrap 4, PHP & MySQLi Prepared Statement In Object Oriented Style”

  1. Hi! please put the code on GITHUB. Do not work db. Only one example is added to the table. The second does not want. DB does not accept more than one row:(( tell me what I'm doing wrong

  2. Crud you deserve my comment.Your videos 1 upto 4 were awesome.Please do more videos on PHP. I liked the way you never assumed concepts, you explained all for anybody to walk along. How I wish you do PHP OOP for beginners all the way to advanced. I just like your way of explanation

  3. Hi, Very good. Maybe you can help me. I'm trying to make a all details page. I would like all the details (using bs4 cards for results) to show up one after the other in a continuance view so I can scroll down or print out.

  4. Great job Sir! This is among the few best CRUD videos i have come across so far. Have a question though – It would be nice if you'd do a video on how to create a responsive blog using php, mysqli, boostrap and jquery, that is, if you haven't done one already. Otherwise, Thanks so much!

  5. My details.php page link shows –> http://localhost/phpcrud/details.php?details%3C?%20=%20$row%5B%27id%27%5D;%20?%3E
    Error msg on detail page shows –> Notice: Undefined variable: vid in E:wampwwwphpcruddetails.php on line 67
    line 64: <div class="container">

    line 65: <div class="row justify-content-center">

    line 66: <div class="col-md-6">

    LINE 67: <h2>ID : <?= $vid; ?></h2>

    line 68: </div>

    line 69: </div>

    line 70: </div>
    What's gone wrong? please inform

  6. Friend, I followed your four video lessons, congratulations, excellent explanation. I completed my project and it is working perfectly.
    Will you be able to give me some help in the research part. I am trying to do it, but I have little knowledge of php.

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