10 Pros and Cons of the Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera for Video Work

The Canon EOS R3 is here, and beyond its impressive photography capabilities, it also houses some powerhouse video features. If you have been considering the EOS R3 for your own work and want to be sure it can tackle your needs, check out this helpful video review that tackles 10 pros and cons about Canon’s new powerhouse mirrorless camera. 

Coming to you from Gerald Undone, this great video review takes a look at 10 pros and cons of the new Canon EOS R3 for video work. No doubt, a lot of people have been focused on the R3’s insane photography specs, like 30 fps continuous bursts and eye-controlled autofocus, but for filmmakers and hybrid shooters, it comes with a wide range of professional video features as well. In particular, users will have access to 6K raw 12-bit internal video and 4K, 120p 10-bit video with no crop. In addition, 4K video can be oversampled for better sharpness and noise control, while HDR-PQ is also available. And of course, there is Canon’s highly respected Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system. While it is all quite impressive, there are some drawbacks to be aware of as well, so check out the video above for the full rundown.

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