12 Helpful Tips for Using Drones at Weddings

With the image quality from drones being higher than ever, it’s a great time to consider including one in your wedding workflow. This awesome video will give you 12 helpful tips to get the best shots you can when using a drone at a wedding.

Coming to you from Drone Film Guide, this great video details 12 tips for getting the best shots you can when flying a drone at a wedding. In addition to the helpful tips, I would also add that it’s a good idea to talk to the venue beforehand. The venue may get uncomfortable if they’re not used to seeing a drone on their property, or they have specific areas they’d prefer you don’t fly in. I’ve found that a quick conversation beforehand helps to allay any concerns and saves you from any hiccups on a day when you’re already dealing with a lot of time pressure. And as the video mentions, be sure to be extra safe; there’s no need to take risks for shots. Check out the video above for more helpful tips! 

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