16.5: Higher Order Functions in JavaScript – Topics of JavaScript/ES6

In this video, I discuss “higher order functions” in JavaScript.

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28 responses to “16.5: Higher Order Functions in JavaScript – Topics of JavaScript/ES6”

  1. FINALLY! A coding demonstration channel with personality!

    The energy was infectious and actually funny which is wayyyyyyyy more than you can say about any of the other programming channels i've tried!

  2. Hi thanks for your videos you are awesome healthy guy!
    I have one question cus i am a beginner, I see this first time, how can you pass a number into a variable 'doubler(4)' and that variable knows that you are referring to returned x parameter??? How and why it knows that, how is that linked?

  3. What's crazy is you could also do

    const multiplier = factor => x => x * factor

    In fact, if you wanna get extra crazy, you can keep nesting the pattern as far as you want.

    I seriously love JS.

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