24 Hidden Photoshop Tricks Every Pro Must Know!


Discover 24 Incredible Hidden Photoshop Features, Tricks, and Hacks Most Pros Don’t Know! Whether you’re into retouching, compositing, digital art, or graphic design, these tricks will save your time and sanity and make your Photoshop life a breeze. I hope this video helps. Thank you for watching 🙂

00:00 Intro
00:16 Layer Locks – Movement Lock
01:19 Unlimited Color Grading Presets
02:23 Face Command
03:29 Major Announcement
04:17 Fit to Canvas
05:07 Auto-Zoom Layers
05:46 Change Perspective – Perspective Warp
07:05 Liquify Tricks – Reconstruct and Face-Aware
08:06 Same Document Multiple View
09:28 Repeat Transform – Step and Repeat
10:35 Knockout
11:37 Export All Open Documents
12:34 Secret Sliders in Curves
14:15 Sample Colors from Outside Photoshop
15:15 Rotate Your View
16:09 Fix Color Issues
17:54 Create Slideshow
18:48 Paint in Perspective – Vanishing Point
20:19 Reference Point Shortcut
21:18 Blend-If Colors
21:58 Content-Aware Scale
22:38 Layer Comps
24:03 Smart Object Shortcut
25:02 Auto-Blend for Compositing
25:56 Fix Extreme Colors


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35 responses to “24 Hidden Photoshop Tricks Every Pro Must Know!”

  1. See you in Colorado Springs Unmesh. I have been using PS for over 20 years and continue to learn as technology evolves. Among everything else, I want to transform images into that classic silver gelatin print look of black & white images of the 1940's, 50's and 60s with rich shades of blacks and greys.

  2. Had my "wait – what?" moments in this video, thanks 🙂 Something still annoys me with PS: shortcuts for other than english/us keyboards mostly do not work. Like rotating the stamp tool with a German keyboard… and the one that is mentioned within PS when you have the stamp tool active (shift+option+ü or shift+option and +) do not work either. Found entries in adobe community that is 5 years old and it is still not fixed for other languages. Rotating the clone stamp tool cannot be assigned to a shortcut, so… Any tipps on this, Umesh, other than switching the language of photoshop (which is clearly not a cool workaround for "the rest of the world")?

  3. Hello piximperfect thank you for your lessons ,I learn everyday .though l have a promblem with my photoshop when i open the blur tool to blur an image to use of a flyer or poster my photoshoot cc 2021 freezes . I was asking for help if there is a solutuion on this please .
    l will be glad for your answer

  4. I love all your tutorials and have followed some especially when it comes to cutting out something and erase something in the image that I don't want there. Somehow PS does a very poor job with all of them despite changing numbers and settings. PS is up-to-date. It's very frustrating and I often wonder if something is malfunctioning or not updated properly, which shouldn't be. Any idea, why it might not be working properly? I have Microsoft laptop if that makes any difference.

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