24 Shots: A Fun Exercise to Get You Thinking About Your Photography

When I was a kid, I used to shoot a ton of film, so much that I was eventually given a roll a week by my parents to shoot whatever I cared to. But of course, I had to carefully choose what I shot over the course of each week. The thrill was getting the envelope of prints back from the grocery store a few weeks later. This fun challenge recaptures a lot of that nostalgia and exercises your photographic brain.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this video follows him as he takes nothing but a single camera and prime lens on a landscape shoot with an allowance of only 24 shots, much like an old roll of film. Of course, even if you’re not one for the nostalgia or you’re too young to have shot film growing up, it’s still a very good exercise in carefully thinking through shots and really evaluating a scene for everything it contains and how you’d like to shoot it before you press the shutter button. And while you should definitely try this with your digital equipment, if you’ve never done it with actual film, go out and grab a disposable camera for the weekend; it’s a ton of fun.

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