3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Photography


Advice on how to improve at photography is always welcome, but even more so at the moment as we suffer through a pandemic that is affecting all of our creativity and motivation. Here are three simple ways to improve your photography.

2020 was a weird year for most of us. I wasn’t able to shoot anywhere near as much I usually do, with many of my shoots delayed or cancelled. My personal work suffered too, with a lack of travel, I found a lack of motivation. As we approached the last quarter of the year and there was no end in sight for coronavirus, I decided I had to force myself to push on no matter what. So, I worked out ways I could improve, then collated the best ones which I shared in my article, 7 Ways to Guarantee You Improve as a Photographer in 2021.

This video by Sony Alpha Universe, Miguel Quiles goes through three steps for improving your photography skills. There are a lot of great ways to make sure you’re moving forward in our beloved craft, but I believe almost all methods are generally underpinned by the same principle: regularity. If you make sure that you are regularly shooting — every day if possible, but at least every week — you will improve to some degree. It is then off that basis that you can work out how to increase the gains you attain.


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