5 Lightroom Tips You Might Not Know


As someone who spends nearly every day working in Lightroom, I’ve discovered a few features that most people might not know about. From organization to editing techniques, there’s likely something in here you didn’t know you could do in Lightroom.

Balancing easy to learn yet adequately powerful is something Lightroom does very well, but that means there’s quite a few features that even seasoned users might not know exist within the program. Within this video, I go over a few of those features along with some larger conceptual techniques that might help you in your next edit.

  1. A tool that will help you organize panoramas, bracketed images, or in some cases, both.
  2. Workflows for choosing your best image in a sea of similar images.
  3. Adapting your histogram to give you the information you actually care about to better edit your image.
  4. Going beyond standard white balance for those shots with a wide range of temperatures.
  5. Controlling subject masking to make life a bit easier when the subject is not detected correctly. 

Many of these will also work on Lightroom Mobile as well if that’s your preferred version. I’d love to know what small or large hidden features you’ve found in your time using Lightroom or if any of these helped your editing toolbox. 


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