5 Tips on How to Use Lightroom’s Tone Curves Panel

Lightroom’s Tone Curves panel can give you a huge amount of control — if you know how to use it. This video offers you a deep dive into understanding how the various elements work and gives you an extra tool when it comes to editing your photos.

Pye Jirsa has a reputation for breaking down complex subjects into easily digestible lessons, and this is no exception. For those new to Lightroom, the Tone Curve can be intimidating for a number of reasons, not least because relatively small adjustments can have dramatic effects over the entire image, but also because it seems to replicate what can be achieved with sliders elsewhere.

Jirsa shows how this duplication is actually an advantage rather than an obstacle, giving you greater control over your edit, especially if you make changes in the right order.

If you struggle to make refined adjustments to the Tone Curve, keep in mind that holding the Alt/Option key will slow down the speed of the mouse drag. Given that the slightest movement can produce dramatic results — especially in the color channels — this keyboard shortcut makes life a lot easier.

Do you have any further tips for making the most of the Tone Curve? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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