6 Awesome Ideas for Photoshoots to Try at Home

If you’re stuck at home and need some inspiration for what to shoot in and around the house, check out this excellent video for a wealth of new ideas.

In this short video from Mango Street, the duo takes suggestions from fellow photographers, giving them loose challenges to take on. Rather than finding a specific subject or location, the nature of the challenges will prompt you to take a photographic concept — such as a multiple exposure or a color of light — from which to create your image.

The team from Mango Street is blessed with a spacious apartment, some blank walls, and lots of natural light, which probably makes it a bit easier to shoot clean, compelling images. For this reason, it’s nice to see that the final challenge prompts them to put aside what they often deploy and use a comparatively dark, orange light source. And it’s equally nice to see that they embrace this challenge and still manage to produce something that is visually arresting.

Remember, you don’t need any expensive equipment for these challenges. There are multiple exposure apps for both Android and iPhone, and if you don’t have editing software, remember that Affinity Photo is free to try for three months.

Got more challenges? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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