7 Tips in Making an LCD Flat Screen Online Purchase


Are you thinking of buying an LCD Flat Screen TV?

During the past years, there were only a few choices available on home theater equipment. Only those who live in close proximity to the city can only access the specialty electronics centers. There is only one or maximum of two stores available in those who live in suburban America. While those who live in the rural America, the chances of buying or visiting a specialty store is only possible if they could travel to big cities.

The introduction of internet technology has changed everything. Those who have internet connections at home can now have access to any small or big electronics stores. With a few clicks, purchasing an LCD flat screen is possible online.

With seemingly endless choices in the market, a smart consumer must do research before purchasing. This article will try to help you become an educated consumer and to give you the best value for your money.

First, a consumer needs to know what size he or she wants to buy. You have to measure how much space is readily available in your room. This way, you can get the optimum viewing. The distance plays a very important consideration because if you sit too near to the TV, you run the risk of seeing pixilated lines and scan lines. However, if you sit too far, you may lose out the picture details and the wonderful feel of having a wide screen TV. For best viewing experience, a distance of 1. 5 and 3 times the HDTV is recommended. An example computation for this is 96 inch Samsung HDTV with a distance of 8 feet. If you want a distance of 12 feet, a 144 inch flat screen TV is recommended.

Second, it is must to know the different features. Some people are sometimes confused with 1080p TV without considering the contrast ratio, response time and refresh rates. If you want to watch sports or those that entail a lot of fast actions, it is advisable to get yourself a 120Hz LCD for smooth motion. If you are the type of people who go for aesthetics, go for LCD TVs with stylish bezels.

Third, the greatest thing about buying online is the good deal you could get. Mall stores with their overhead costs just can’t beat most of the prices found online for the same LCD screen TV. Although cheaper, LCD price varies from online store to store. When looking for the best deal, consider things such as shipping fees and taxes that add up to the total LCD price. Money saved can be considerable, especially on middle high end LCD TVs. But, you can’t rely on price alone when looking for an LCD online which brings us to the next consideration.

Fourth on the list is to make sure the store has good track record. Saving a bundle of money on a new LCD is useless if you will later find out a store is sending defective products. Is there a telephone number for queries? Is the site well designed? Are all dealings secured? Read about shop reviews and rankings. A reputable site will allow customers to add comments about the item, but also of the service they got from the store.

Fifth consideration is the extreme importance of return policies. The company must be willing to return and change damaged units without asking a lot of questions. The consumer must know if the shipping cost will be waived or not. As they say, the good thing about going to the store yourself is the chance to see the model TV. In going online, you run the risk of getting an LCD TV that is not what you are expecting. With this kind of fear, the company must be willing change the TV without any further cost to the consumer.

Sixth, the consumer must familiar himself or herself about the nature of shipping. Costs and Shipping time are some concepts related to shipping. There must be a clear line on who will be responsible if the product get damaged. It is always been a worry for consumers that there is greater risk to receive damaged products when you buy online and have it shipped. If you have concerns on how to set up the TV, there must be a clear and easy to follow manuals at least. But it will nice to buy from online stores if they can send someone to fix the newly bought flat screen TV.

Lastly, the seventh consideration is to be informed about the items that come with the unit such as accessories, extended warranties and cables. These have long been the mall stores’ bread and butter for profit. Have you ever been aware of salespersons reserving most of their effort in promoting extended warranties? It happens most of the time when these salespersons get to earn commissions by selling extended warranties. Current LCD TV panels are more durable and just don’t break easily compared before and it is worthless to invest on extended warranties. Same thing goes with cables. Retailers always persuade customers to get those overpriced cables saying they could get maximized audio and video performance by using it. These cables are one of the segments that stores get to earn a lot. Apart from all the sales talk, digital cables like HDMI have very little difference. As a technique, local stores wouldn’t carry cheap cables, so purchasing cables online is a good means of saving money.

Online shopping has always been a good venue for hunting the best bang for the buck of LCD flat screen TV. With some help of item and retailer review you can have that perfect LCD TV and worry not of the shipping TV home for you and your family to enjoy movies, sports or anything on your new LCD TV.


Source by Francis A Haines

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