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#8 JavaScript Tutorial | Control Statements | Theory

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JavaScript Control Statements also known as Control Structures or Flow Control statements are statements which decide the execution flow of the program. Typically the program execution begins from the first line in the to the last line of that JS code. However, in between this the flow of the execution can be branched(based on some condtion) or re-iterated(loops) based on some criterias. This the functionality that is provided by Control Statements in JavaScript.
They are mainly categorized in 2 types –
Conditional Control Statements
Whenever a condition is to be tested depending on which particular tasks are to be performed, Conditional control statements are used.
Looping / Iterative Control Statements
Whenever a particular task has to be iterated for a particular number of times or depending on some condition, Looping control statements are used.
For Program code, info & more resources checkout this article –
Video by – Tanmay Sakpal
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