• Monday , 1 June 2020

A One-Minute Tutorial on Creating Natural Saturation in Landscape Photos

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Got a minute? This awesome tutorial will show you how to easily add a nice pop of saturation to a landscape photo in record time using Photoshop.

Coming to you from Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, this great, quick tutorial will show you how to add extra saturation pop to your images by creating a saturation mask. This technique relies on using the HSB/HSL filter in Photoshop in tandem with the channels dialog, which allows you to very quickly and easily create a selection based on the saturation of the greens, which you can then convert to a layer mask for a corresponding saturation adjustment. And the coolest part is that because the mask is taken care of for you, you don’t have to worry about trying to carefully work around leaves and avoid the sky or things of that nature; it’s remarkably quick and easy. And just remember that like any adjustment of this nature, it’s easy to go overboard. I recommend stepping away for a minute or two when you’re done with an edit and coming back with a fresh set of eyes so you know if you need to dial down the opacity just a bit.

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