A photograph class 11|A photograph class 11 in hindi|Class 11 English

In this video i have explained| A photograph class 11 English Poem in detail line by line.

CLASS 11 ENGLISH FULL SYLLABUS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlz6Wm71kc1K61PtT2VTJJ6r9sXLW3cqn

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  1. All because of me, I prayed sence class 6 that in our time I wan't some tragedy or war so we wont face our class 10 board exam .and it comes true. (black tounge power😜) now praying for 12 board exam😁

    Sorry for bad English.pls adjust me am online student πŸ‘

  2. 1:02
    Actually it is said a piece of cardboard because, now her mother is dead,so the photograph is emotionless for the poet,so now it's just a piece of cardboard for the poet, it's not that, that in old times and all…..

    "Both wry with laboured ease of loss"…..
    Means that both had lost something that ment something to them, and both of them were sad at their turn, and to bare the loss and disappointment, they tried to share it (as the word labour suggests) her mother was trying to bare her loss but laughing and sharing her memories with the poet and the poet is trying to bare her loss by sharing her loss with us via her poem…….

    It really had a deep meaning…..

  3. didi it has been so long since I visited ur channel last time and today I am kind of shocked and happy that u got 1 million ….congo u deserve more and ya thank u so much for helping me every time not only with studies but also in managing my life in a better way ..lots of love

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