A Quick Review of the Lensbaby OMNI Filters

As the lockdown continues here in the UK, Anete and I are finally getting the time to finish some of the videos we filmed a little while ago. We are currently missing the ability to go out and shoot portraits again, and very much looking forward to end of this lockdown. 

In our latest video, my fellow writer Anete Lusina takes the reigns on our channel and reviews the Lensbaby OMNI Creative filter system. Although this filter system is probably not something I’d use for architecture, it does seem to work pretty well for portraits. As a company, Lensbaby are generally known for producing “quirky” lenses that offer something different to the typical things most manufacturers offer. Instead of producing super sharp lenses with lots of resolving capabilities, Lensbaby prefer to produce lenses with “character”. 

The creative filter system fits in really well with that concept. It affords you the benefit of being able to create interesting portraits and unique looking portraits without having to spend lots of money on a new lens. 

The most useful part of this filter system is the holder system. You can position filters on the front of your lens and then take shots without needing to hold them. This means you can compose more effectively because you’re not juggling to take the shot. 

The results you can produce are similar to having a prism placed in front of the lens, but without any of the hassle. The looks you can produce can vary from being far too much, to just a subtle touch. As with most things, too much can be a bad thing, fortunately, the control the holder offers makes managing the balance much easier. 

Check out the full video to see how the filters perform. 

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