Adobe Customers Using Old Software Threatened With Legal Action, Company in Battle With Dolby

Adobe’s recent decision to scrap its smaller price plans for Creative Cloud angered many of its loyal customers. The company then discontinued older versions of its applications and restricted the software available for download. Now, to make matters worse, customers using older versions are being warned they may face legal action.

A little over a week ago, Adobe announced:

Please note that going forward, Creative Cloud customers will only have direct download access (from the Creative Cloud Desktop app and to the two most recent major versions of Creative Cloud desktop applications.

They tried to paint the incident in a positive light, claiming they simply wanted customers to have the latest “security features and capabilities, critical bug fixes, and important security updates.” However, it’s since emerged there may be another reason for removing subscribers’ permission to use older software.

According to MacRumors, Adobe is facing a hefty legal battle with Dolby, whereby Adobe is being accused of copyright infringement and breach of contract. Thus, there’s much speculation that this may be the reason behind the Creative Cloud restrictions.

Adobe commented:

Unfortunately, customers who continue to use or deploy older, unauthorized versions of Creative Cloud may face potential claims of infringement by third parties. We cannot comment on claims of third-party infringement, as it concerns ongoing litigation.

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