Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners – 2024

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Welcome to the Get Started with Photoshop tutorials that teach you the basic tools and techniques of Adobe Photoshop.

Topics include:
1. Get to know Photoshop
2. Change the image size
3. Adjust brightness and contrast
4. Add text to your photos
5. How to crop a photo
6. Work with brushes and color

Topics by start time:
00:09 How to Open images
03:05 Learn Photoshop Workspace
07:03 how to zoom and pan
12:08 Undo and Redo Commands
17:02 How to Save files
21:33 Resize an image
26:21 Set the resolution
30:17 Crop and straighten an image
34:33 Expand the canvas
39:12 Adjust brightness and contrast in a photo
43:20 Add text to your photos
48:18 How to crop a photo
51:05 Work with brushes
55:49 Use foreground and background colors
58:01 Choose a color(s)

Sample files to practice:

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