Analog Photography Tutorial (advanced): Yashica FX-3

Advanced features and additional accessories.

On special request my second FX-3 tutorial: How to use the self-timer, how to use a cable release, how ot mount and use a flash and other tips and accessories for your Yashica FX-3 (Super 2000).

After having uploaded my first tutorial video for the FX-3 I was astonished to see how many young photographers still use these fine analog cameras instead of using digital cameras all the time! Recently I’ve got a request to make another video about the FX-3, and here it is! I hope it is useful for FX-3 users all over the world! If you have any question or observation, feel free to ask or comment! 🙂

The basics of the FX-3 use can be found here:

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  1. hey there, so I've been using this camera for a while and i've been getting a lot of blurred images, in spite of being very careful while focusing. cannot really make out, but i after reviewing the shots they seem to be back focusing. what could possibly be the issue? the mirror, focus plate?

  2. Hi! I've just gotten this camera off ebay and the metering always say that its underexposed despite me shining it at the light. Do you have a solution to that? And what is the foam for? The foam is gone for the one I've gotten

  3. hello 😀 im kinda new to the fx 3. dad gave the fx 3 to me as a handmedown camera (i'm still thrilled though). the only problem is that the flash doesnt work anymore (i'm guessing its the bulb of the flash cus when i inserted batteries in it, the test button turned red as indicated by you means its ready but it didnt flash) what should i do?

  4. Hello bro, I am using fx3 super and now when i changed the shutter speed and clicked while the back cover is open i got ma film advancer loose. now i could not make any clik could you help on this issue. the shutter is not released.

  5. Yea defiantly! I also have a minolta 650si but I prefer my FX because I know the photos are a direct result of me. Unlike using a digital camera, say in A or S mode.

    #subscribed 🙂

  6. @LZFILM
    i have the yashica fx-3 2000, but the thing is its self timer lever got stuck. and when i opened the back lid the shutter curtain is opened, (i didnt put a film in it yet) its usually closed right? im really a noob to film camera btw.

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