Arcade Fire with Owen Pallett – Song on the Beach; Photograph

Her Original Motion Picture Score
Composed by William Butler (aka Arcade Fire) and Owen Pallett

Song on the Beach

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  1. This composition is the very idea of the entire premise of the movie. In the first act its high and low just as how he believes Sam to be. This shit don’t make sense unless you play in on a piano. It sounds too complex, but it’s deceptively easy. The second half of this song on piano it describes their relationship perfectly. One hand is constantly chasing the other as he is chasing Sam. The song physically represents exactly what’s happening in this movie. One hand is constantly chasing the other as he is chasing Sam. As the song evolves he is chasing her left and right just as in the hands in the literal piano playing. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, played and seen in any sort of medium.

    EDIT: Also my mustache looks like Joaquin Phoenix’s in this movie so shoutout to him.

  2. 3 days shy of 6 months. 3 of the roughest days of my adult life. April fools to me. She said we were just on different paths. I tried to merge, but she was right. We just wanted different things out of life and that's OK. Rather now than years down the road. Even if we weren't right for each other, the love was still real. The times we had were still real.

  3. i feel like i’m loosing it all, but at the same time i have some of it together. i feel like the longer we stay apart the less we’re together. my future has never seemed so uncertain to me, even though it shouldn’t be this way. i am filled with all kinds of emotions, and you respect them. although you say you understand, i don’t know how true this is. i want to have deeper talks with you, i long for that deeper connection and i hope we get there one day. i know you will never listen to this, but this is that one song that i would share with you only

  4. I can't stop thinking about it. He's the one for me and I just can't take it, i don't want to wait alone any longer. We've been strong for so long, he's been my best friend and my favorite person ever. I know they say that if you love them you have to let them go, but after so long, how could I let him go? We both agreed that it wouldn't be the end, but what would I do in between? What would he do? I don't want to not be his. I can't even begin to describe the immense loneliness I feel without him by my side

  5. Entendí que, aunque esa persona dure una vida o una semana. Mientras hagas cualquier cosa con sentimiento, el amor será mayor que el dolor y que cada "persona" entra en tu vida para enseñarte como amar libre.

  6. His eyes are beautiful, he is an amazing actor. Love this soundtrack so much. And Bon Ivers For Emma album. And this is song is in able competition with Once upon a night in Paris.

  7. Today is the day i'm turning 16 years old, normally in my birthdays i just feel like the time stopped so i can celebrate the fact that i'm alive but now it's kinda different because i'm feeling the time's still forward but my memory retreaded to realize i'm only growing up. I'm not caring too much about the party or the gifts like i used to do, i personally just doing a party because it would be normal to spend it with friends and family, but if i could decide by myself, i could just travel in time by my own or living a whole day alone, that's the feeling this music gives to me. Somehow i'm only by myself, but i feel like i'm free. I could find more inspiration to write. I could find someone new. I could try to play a instrument. I could go anywhere if i want without worrying about anyone. That's the kind of birthday i wish to have someday, and i really hope i can do it, especially before my 20s or somewhere like this.

  8. Last day was the End of the Last Great Days for me, I envisioned it as a dream but at the same time as a self-inflicted harm because after how much we try … I can't stay with the one I Love. I wish things were different, but that's the way it is. I will miss her forever, and someday I wish I won't feel this burden anymore. Pain is necessary and even beautiful at some point, I can smile because at least it happened for me, I hope I won't give up.
    C, if you somehow read this someday, please know that I'll never forget you and the times we had; good, bad and worse. I love you.

  9. 3 years ago my girlfriend committed suicide and for the past 3 years i've just been trying to learn how to love again, learn to love the things around me and love all the people who stuck beside me through my terrible hours and days of the week. Little by little i started feeling better, but today it just dawned on me on how much i've forgotten. How much my brain has let go in order for me to be okay again, and it hurts so much to think that i can't even remember some of my many special moments with my special lady. I guess that's just how life works, i guess that's just how my life works. I miss you marie, forever and ever, babe.

  10. Love. Success. It is really in there? I'm actually loosing my hope. Feeling lonely this planet like no one's gonna understand me. Crying deeply in myself. Trying my best: get up early, workout daily, and so active, is it really gonna give me the result. My worst anxiety is "what if I can't prove them wrong, what if I can't go university, what if I'm gonna sad or lonely my whole life, what if I die tomorrow what is the point. If my future self is reading this. I just wanna say It's gonna be just fine yeah it really is.

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