Autodesk Maya 2011 Ocean Tutorial!

This is an Autodesk Maya 2011 tutorial on how to create an awesome ocean render!


1: First: Open a new scene
File/New Scene or Ctrl+N

2: Press space to open this hotkey window and while holding space go to
Fluid Effects/Ocean/Create Ocean

3:Then,press space again and go to Fluid Effects/Ocean/Add Preview Plane NOTE: This step can be skipped

4:Then while still having the Preview Plane selected press “R” to scale or filnd it on the left side as a cube with four arrows coming out of it

5:Then come over here to ‘Ocean Shader 1’ and change the slidders to whatever works for you

6:Press this to render

7:Drag your mouse over an area to have 1:1 rendering
and then select 1:1 button on the top bar of the render tab

8:Now when you change the slidders it will automaticly show up here

9:Feel free to just start changing settings

10:You might not have mental ray enabled within your Maya. If so search google to find out how to enable it

11:This is the Render Settings button

12:This is where you change from the Maya Software to mental ray

Feel free to change the settings to fit your scene

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