Balotelli Destroys Photographer’s Camera by Kicking It From Tripod in Fit of Rage at Being Substituted

As an Italian, and not considering myself a racist, I was upset when he represented our team at the world championships years ago (don’t remember when I am not big on soccer and one of the reasons is because of people like this guy who become idols for kids just because of their luxurious lifes) but not because of his skin color but just because I think the real racists are those who want the masses to think we are not racists like “look, we are a multiracial country” by just pushing a guy like this into something way bigger than him not to mention his private life behaviours are everything but a good example.
Soccer players have become the new celebrities here in Italy, a country who lives not out of tourism, not out of fashion, cars, food, arts, architecture, history… but about soccer, there is not a day in which there is no game and if so soccer still is major argument of discussion, a country where a team can afford to pay 100.000.000 euros for a guy who kicks a ball… what are we talking about?
I am from Napoli and if we, as a Napoli soccer team fan, won the tournament is almost solely because of Maradona who has been the greatest ever with one competitor, Pelé who, on the other hand, has been also a champion in life, unfortunately the majority of these people are only seen because of their cars, women and luxurious lives, there also are many who do a lot of charity and are good examples to imitate but those who gather gossip acknowledgment are these few like Balotelli who are more famous because of their out of the field challenges, like in this instance, than for those on field.
He, and not because he is Mario Balotelli, should apologise and offer to replace the gear and the team should evaluate for him to watch games from the bench rather than to be on field, I know I will be pointed as a racist but, unfortunately for him, this is the story of his life, from team to team just to attire sponsors, what a waste of talent…

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