• Monday , 25 May 2020

Beautiful and Funny: Actually Useful Camera Hacks

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When it comes to both photography and video hacks, there’s no shortage of clickbait videos. To me, this one is the complete opposite of that.

Matt Dennison, Jason Lucas, and their film production company, IFHT, are here to dish out their favorite equipment tips. This video is a no-nonsense approach. IFHT is a comedy channel on YouTube as well, so it’s refreshing to see a genuinely entertaining video on this topic. These tips are simple and generally useful for somebody transitioning from beginner to professional. Prior to making this, IFHT created a parody video of filmmakers back in 2015.

My favorite tip is how well IFHT have labeled everything they own. It keeps a shooter from forgetting equipment, forgetting to charge batteries, and generally just keeping on top of so much gear. While I feel I ought to invest in a label maker, I don’t think white tape and a sharpie will fail me anytime soon. However, one tip I always like to tell people is to pick a color tape you like and stick with it. If you watch Caleb Pike talk about his lighting gear, you’ll see that everything is marked with green gaffer tape. What that does is make sure that everybody on set knows who owns what — the more unusual the color, the better.

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