Behind the Scenes of a High-End Editorial Shoot

No permits. No permissions. Pouring rain. Beautiful photos.

Chris Nicholls is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Toronto, but for this shoot, he brought his team down to a rainy NYC. While the original intent was not to have a rainy NYC as the backdrop, when the rain started to come down, Chris was sure to think on his feet, and instead of going with his original idea, he leaned into the wetness to change up his vision and feature it, rather than hide it. 

The entire video is worth a watch, as you get a great look at a fashion photographer’s workflow as he shoots for Dress to Kill magazine. I love these sorts of videos, as they aren’t too vloggy. It is just a behind the scenes look at a beautiful photo shoo, with multiple looks and locations, designer clothes, and a moderately sized photo team. 

Shoots like this really show the importance of communication. Working fast like they did meant that they all needed to communicate with each other properly to keep things smooth. 

Have you ever shot with a team like this? How did it go? What did you think of the video? Sound off in the comments below!

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