Best Starter Lighting Kits for Beginner Studio Photographers

Who said you can’t create exceptional shots on a budget? Check out our range of Hypop starter lighting kits that will help your photos reach that professional level without denting your pocket. Our kits cater to a variety of niches including product photography, newborn photography, eCommerce photography, portrait and more so you can find one that’s perfect for you. Click the link below to browse 👇 #beginnerlightingkits #beginnerphotography #hypop

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0:00 Start
0:36 Introduction to Starter Lighting Kits
0:42 Twinkle Kit for Newborn Photography
1:13 Quad Head Kit for Baby Photography
1:39 Little Fashion Lookbook Kit for Children/Family Photoshoots
2:03 Cake Smash Lighting Kit for Children Photography
2:39 Illuminate Mate Kit for Flat Lay Photography
3:17 LinkedIn Kit for Events/Commercial/Corporate Headshots
3:44 Work Hustle Kit for Product Photography
4:00 Kontent Kube Kit for eCommerce Photography
4:33 Continous Starter Lighting Kits for Video Production
4:55 Features of Starter Lighting Kits
5:05 Softbox Lighting Features
5:13 Umbrella Lighting Features
5:22 Positioning the Light
5:40 Continous Lights Colour Temperature
5:50 Starter Lighting Kits Light Bulbs
6:09 Versatility
6:41 What’s Included?

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Our Main Lights: “DUO” Spectrum Pro S-BEAM 150 Light Kit
Spectrum-PRO DUO 'S-Beam 150' LED Softbox Advanced Fashion Lookbook Lighting Kit
Our Hair Light: 9″ Crystal Luxe with Sony NPF Battery
9" LED Photography Video Studio Lighting Kit – 1x Crystal Luxe
Background Lights: 13″ Duo Crystal Luxe Kit
13" LED Photography Video DIY Studio Lighting Kit – 'DUO' Crystal Luxe (No Battery & Charger)

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34 responses to “Best Starter Lighting Kits for Beginner Studio Photographers”

  1. nice set of "beginner" kits, but what if you wanted the same, but with FLASH, and NOT continuous light?, does GODOX offer anything in this space?, that is the flash,triggers, light stand,some modifiers, and a bag to put it all in, all in the one kit, not having to buy extra accessories to use the system. this is a confusing thing to do, so having some "recomended" kits guides us as to what genre of photography is best for what flash, and modifier options.

  2. Ok, I am not a professional photographer, so I know only what little, what very little you told us about the lights themselves. One thing I noticed that you tactfully avoided how and where do the lights derive their operating power. Do you just plug them into the wall outlet or do have to use some special device to provide that power ?

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