Blender 2.8 Eevee PBR Addon

This is a tutorial about PBR texturing with Blender 2.8 for Eevee and Cycles.

As a helper I wrote a little addon that you can get for free from my github:

The addon makes all the connections from the image texture nodes to the principled shader with one click.

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  1. Hi Jay, I have some questions regarding the Blender texture configuration in Painter if u don't mind:
    1- Should we use Diffuse or we can use Base Color if there is no difference?
    2- Can I merge Roughness and Metallic in one texture and then use "Seperate RGB" node in Blender to extract them?
    3- Don't we need a UV Map node to link to vector inputs?
    Also wondering about other outputs like Emissive and Opacity and how they map to Blender.
    I wish in the future we can drag multiple textures at once into Blender instead of one at a time.

  2. Hey Jayanam. Your video's have recently caught my attention as I've been intending to start making the switch to 2.80. However, as far as I can tell, there isn't currently a way to send embeded pbr output to fbx or gtlf that includes emissive maps and occlusion maps. I'm wondering if its even feasible to make a plugin that will incorporate this on export. I'm no scripter so my knowledge on the subject is lacking, besides knowing I could do this with the blender render back in 2.79. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  3. EDIT: I wrote this comment before I finished watching the video till the end!

    The "Node Wrangler" Addon has a similar feature, called "Add Principled Setup", which does a similar thing, and you just have to select the folder your maps are in and it'll do all the magic for ya. However I personally never got it to work properly for me, it always gives me an error midway during the process, I guess it has to use a certain naming convention. Also "Node Wrangler", all though it's been updated to work with 2.8 since development is heavily going on, a couple of days after the developers of the addon updated it, it got broken again and can't be enabled, so there's currently no way this feature in 2.8.

  4. So I have a question that I've been wondering about… this is something only an experienced modeler can answer… but let's say you're making a game in Unreal Engine which allows you to make textures and meshes. You use Blender to make your models, but when it comes to making the textures and meshes.. what do you guys look at when figuring out if you should use Blender, Substance, or UE to make the meshes, textures, materials, etc.? Blender can do the same as the other 2 when it comes to making the "skin" for your models, but I'm assuming not as well as the other 2. So this leaves the choice to making all that in either UE or Substance. So are there times when people use UE over Substance? I always got confused when I saw people use 3rd party programs to do things the program theyre using can do.. except for the programs you know do a better job at it.. but when it came to UE. I always thought their tools were pretty superior judging by the videos I've watched. Is Substance Painter better to use? Better than just using UE?

  5. What is the difference between normal and diffuse from left and right side columns in substance painter. Left side is Input maps and right side Converted maps. Can I use diffuse and normal from left side for Blender configuration?

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