• Wednesday , 26 February 2020

Blender 3d: Hard Ops Add On Public Demo (

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In this demo I showcase Hard Ops 007! I am pleased to announce the release. After much work and the tireless efforts of teamCsharp it is finally released.

version credits.
Icons – Adam Król (AK)
HUD – Jacques Lucke (Python)
Efficiency – Adrian Rutkowski (AR)
Idealization – Jyri / cgstrife (Jyri)
Pies / misc. Meshtools – Wazou (AM)
TPanel – MKB (PanelMaster)

On screen huds, csharp / cstep rewrite, insert system rewrite and so much more!


In fact it has changed even since the guide with left handed right hand symmetrize support.


The asset manager was also released previously. Go get it!

Update Log

Subset Brushes,
Subset bool merge,
New thumbnails,
Rebool Sstep
Future Hud Overlay Ver 1
B-width 2
Q Array
T-Thick 2
Mirror Helper,
Modifier Helper,
Renderset Improvements,
Insert system refactor,
Insert link system began,
overall code optimization,
X/Y/Z Symmetrize C/Step support
X/Y/Z Symmetrize S/Step support
C/S Step improvements
Add on helper,
Mira Tool support,
Booltool B-Mesh Edition,
B-Weight for edit mode,
S-Step Rebool
Edge Wizard Submenu Version 1
Easy Lattice Support
Settings Panel – Segment Parameter
Settings Panel – In-time/Out-time Parameter
Settings Panel – Samples Parameter
Settings Panel – Name Parameter Box
Settings Panel – Name Display Checkbox
Asset Manager Support
0 Selection Menu
Tear Away Asset Menu
Tear Away Internal Asset Menu
Scrolling Asset Menu
TPanel Arrow Asset Menu
Classic Insert Ssharp pre-setup
Subset Insert Merge menu enhancements,
Subset Insert Material Test / Modifier Test / Ssharp pre-setup,
Modifier Toggle
Modifier Toggle In T Panel w/ Material Catergory
Re-Link Support
Panel Refactor
SSharpen 2 refactor and re-evaluation / interactive hud
CSharpen 2 refactor and re-evaluation / interactive hud
CStep/Step 2 refactor and re-evaluation / interactive hud
Ctrl + (‘) Modifier Helper Shortcut
Symmetrize rewrite – OSD
Symmetrize hotkey support
Circle / Nth Circle Link rewrite – OSD

And for you operatives. Theres also the video documentation for 007!

Two ways to get it!



3d Ocean

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