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Blender Modelling Tutorial Making A Rook (Castle) Chess Piece Using the Boolean Modifier

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This tutorial follows on from the pawn tutorial, it shows the extra techniques needed to make the rook.

The base of the rook is similar to the base of the pawn, but bigger by a ratio of 9 to 8 or 1.125 to 1

In the tutorial the cylinder is scaled by a factor of 1.125

The method used to create the grooves at the top (castellations) is to apply the Boolean modifier.

The mesh that results from using the Boolean modifier is usually a mess, with the use another modifier (Edge Split modifier) the Boolean modifier can be used to give good results.

The steps are –

Set up a background image of the rook
Add a cylinder and scale it
In edit mode, extrude and scale to match the background image
Go into to object mode and add a cube
Scale, move the cube
Select the rook and add a Boolean modifier
Change the operation to Difference
Select the cube as the object to be taken away
Apply the Boolean modifier
Rotate the cube by 90 degrees and repeat applying the Boolean modifier
Delete the cube
Change the shading for the rook to smooth
Add and apply the Edge Split modifier
Apply scale and transform the centre point

The image file and the finished model can be downloaded from my website –



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  1. Arome Yakubu
    July 7, 2019 at 05:27

    When I am attempting to add the modifier my rooks shows a hi lighted line where the flattened cube was but does not remove the space.

  2. André Dias
    July 7, 2019 at 05:27

    where is the tutorial that you mensioned in the beging of this tutorial? I cant find it.

  3. Максим Зайцев
    July 7, 2019 at 05:27

    omg! now click ctrl+3 and cry.

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