Blender text tutorial Beginner – Make cool metallic 3d text in blender

In this Blender text tutorial Beginner tutorial,
you will Discover how to make cool metallic 3d text in blender.
We will start by modeling a 3d text using basic text properties such as extrude,depth and resolution.
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After that, we will create a basic scene setup for our metallic 3d text
and then we will create and assign different materials to them.

The cycles rendering engine was used to render the scene.
we are not going to use any textures for this tutorial.rather, we will only tweak the values of built in materials that cycles rendering engine provides.

In this Blender text tutorial, i will also show you how to properly render the scene by tweaking the “Sample Counts” inside render setting.

blender version 2.71 was used for modeling and rendering this scene.

this blender text tutorial is very useful tutorial for beginners as i will show you step by step technique to create such type of scene and the basic introduction to the “materials” provided by cycles rendering engine of blender.

you will also learn how to use material or combination of materials for different types of objects such as “metallic objects”,”glossy surface”,”emission objects”.

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