• Sunday , 12 July 2020

Bootstrap 4 Tutorial 2 – Grid System

Code Canyon

Source Code: https://github.com/SonarSystems/Bootstrap-4-Tutorial-Series

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  1. Abdullah Alrawi
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    I love the way you expect, can I still learn this or is it updated?

  2. Kumar Shivam
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    Can we use bootstrap for free to create our website, keep it on the server and earn from it?

  3. Zain
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    why when i use <div class="col-xs-4"> my code do,t style – i have to use <div class="col-sm-4">

  4. pavan kumar
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    bro why we use gird system ? where it is useful ?

  5. Vicente Manuel Muñoz Milchorena
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    An important note, probably has been brought up before. In Bootstrap 4 there is no more col-xs-*, this was dropped in favor of col-*.

  6. Pujita Yakkala
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    I think he is south Asian trying to be British with his accent

  7. Emil Wallin
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    nice tutorial!! :), ignore haters please, they are just mad because bad you know

  8. Abhishek Srivastava
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    5:04 I saw that…

  9. Robert Gass
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    Why is this still up?

  10. Nelema Khondoker
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    fcuk…. sometimes I don't even understand what you are saying…. stop stammering…. & be clear… ur accent is confusing & distracting me

  11. Isaac Anyimiah
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    Are you sure that is how the grid system works in bootstrap 4? Because it appears that the .col-xs-* class is non-existent in bootstrap 4. I even checked the documentation https://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/layout/grid/#how-it-works

  12. saajan maharjan
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    your fucking language.

  13. I-heart-Google
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    I didn't know Jamie Oliver was doing programming tutorials.

  14. Himal Malla
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    all thing is fine except font……font is not clear due to which coding is not seen properly………so will you work out next time making fonts clear……. thank you !!

  15. James Maraldo
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    I have to agree with MrYellowBoss. This video really has nothing to do with Bootstrap 4, you are basically just telling us how to use bootstrap.

  16. Brigitte Beal
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    The CDN doesn't work on my preview with Brackets ( classes aren't being applied). Is there any particular reason for this?

  17. MrYellowBoss
    June 28, 2020 at 19:47

    You are showing all functions that are in Bootstrap 3. This is nothing new. People want to know how Sass and stuff in BS4 work.

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