Bootstrap 4 Tutorial: Modal Popups Made Easy


Bootstrap 4 Modals & Popups are made extremely easy in this tutorial.
There are also bonus tips for those who stay to the end…

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It is Bootstrap 4 Modal Windows tutorial for beginners.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create bootstrap modals of different sizes, how to activate those through button click or through jQuery only.

Once you go through this tutorial and implement what I teach, you will be able to create any type of Bootstrap 4 modals (popups) very easily.

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32 responses to “Bootstrap 4 Tutorial: Modal Popups Made Easy”

  1. why are you writing in android studio and why are these php files?

    Curious as to the approach?

    is this eventually going to be hosted on *x-AMP type server? hence the PHP file?

    i'm not questioning why, just the ends of what you're doing so i can follow along, friend.

    Is there a vid where this setup is present?
    I am already up and running on android studio, just not used to running php files on the web from there.
    Link to Setup?
    Or why we are writing php files in the first place
    Is it a larger project or end goal of the tutorial?

  2. Thank you for your informative video.

    I have only one constructive criticism, which is regarding the white noise near the end of the video asking if you like the video, is way too loud. I had headphones on during your previous video and jumped out fo my skin! Please turn the volume down or change to a different sound.

    I have some questions about div soup. I have been learning about HTML 5 and the recommendation to divide up HTML using header, footer, sections, articles etc. to make it more readable for developers. Bootstrap doesn't seem to help with these new tags. I tried changing the first <div class="container">… into <section class="container"> and it seems to work OK, do you have any suggestions on which tags would be better to use? Also does the location of a modal matter? e.g. as it is hidden, to begin with, should it go near the end of a big page near the scripts, so the page renders quicker? Or should it stay with/near the button to make it easier for other developers to read?


  3. Hey Senaid from Coding Passive Income. Thanks for your work. I like your channel because here is represented a lot of practical cases of using php but honestly regarding to this video there are a lot of similar videos/guides of using bootstrap on YouTube. Looking forward for more complex guides.

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