• Friday , 5 June 2020

Breaking the Rule of Thirds: Five Creative Composition Ideas

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How often do you break away from the rule of thirds and try a method that is outside of the box? Here are five composition ideas that will inspire you to branch out from the basics and try something new.

We have all heard the conventional teaching that the first lesson in composition is to learn the rule of thirds, and next is to determine when to break this rule. So what methods can you use when you decide to do something different? In this video, Eric Floberg helps with this problem by sharing several unique composition techniques and what it takes to make them work in an image.

The thing I enjoyed about this video is that Floberg doesn’t merely show examples of images that don’t use the rule of thirds. Instead, he gives several examples of each of his five techniques and tells you what to look for to make the image look professional. This is often done by understanding how to balance an image. Even though the rule of thirds is a great guideline, unique looks are now being relied on more often. This is an excellent video to watch to learn how to do these correctly. To see all of Floberg’s examples and explanations, take a look at the video above.

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