Camera Rotation Photography Tutorial

In this Camera Rotation Photography Tutorial I show you how to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary using long exposure photography and camera rotation. The tool that I used to create the camera rotations in this light painting tutorial was the Neewer 360 Panoramic Tripod Gimbal. This is a light painting photography technique with endless possibilities. If you have OCD with symmetry finding the center axis point might drive you a little bit bonkers but keep in mind that imperfect is sometimes perfect. ENJOY.

Here are the links to what I used if you want to build your own Camera Rotation Tool:
Hot Shoe Phone Holder:

Tips to keep in mind:
1. Flip out your live view screen before putting the camera on the gimbal.
2. Make sure everything is screwed down tight!
3. Find your center axis rotation point and mark it on your gimbal, keep in mind your center point will likely change if you change lenses.
4. Most of the time imperfect is perfect.

What to lear more about Camera Rotation Photography check out this tutorial here:

Here are just a few artists to check out that have done great things with camera rotation photography:
Triple Moon Portal

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  1. Have you tried to use a lens with a collar. Its real easy to shoot in four positions because collar has 90 degree clicks or the method you usse now. Can still be used for 20 degrer. No gimbal required and you can use regular tripod head. Ken

  2. Great video, Jason! Nice reminder about tightening everything down before starting the rotation. I forgot once and my camera DID fall, but luckily the strap caught it on the way down and saved the day. 🙃

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