Can You Do Wildlife Photography on a Budget?


When it comes to serious wildlife photography, it generally takes some of the most advanced equipment out there to get the best possible shots, as you will often be dealing with situations with low light and a faraway subject, requiring fast shutter speeds, quick burst rates, great autofocus, and lenses with long focal lengths and large apertures. However, such equipment is often extremely expensive. So, what can you accomplish with low-end budget gear? This great video takes a look. 

Coming to you from Brent Hall, this excellent video shows him attempting to photograph wildlife with the Canon EOS RP and RF 800mm f/11 IS STM lens. A top-shelf wildlife setup can easily top $20,000 for just the camera body and a single lens, and adding more lenses just sends the cost even higher. On the other hand, the EOS RP is Canon’s most affordable full frame camera ($999), while the RF 800mm f/11 (also $999) offers the sort of reach often necessary for wildlife work without breaking the bank. Of course, you shouldn’t expect top-level image quality, but on the other hand, it’s quite impressive to see what you can accomplish. Check out the video above to see the images Hall was able to create. 


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