Canon R5 Versus Canon C70: Which Should You Buy for Video?

Canon has been releasing some superb cameras in the last year, with lots of options for videographers. Two of the chief contenders are being pitted against one another here to see which is the best for video purposes.

Canon’s 2020 has to be one of its strongest years on record for cameras released, with the brilliant R5 and R6 taking center stage. However, the Canon C70 is pitched as a cinema camera (albeit an entry-level one) and so if you’re a videographer, there is a decision to be made. If you’re looking at buying a Canon mirrorless camera for video, which one should you choose?

The R5 stole the headlines with its 8K, albeit marred by the overheating issues. However, it’s rarely relevant for most shooters, with the maximum resolution 99.9% of viewers will ever watch content in is 4K, and more upsetting still, the bulk of those will be watching on phone screens. I have done unscientific tests to see if I could tell the difference between 4K and 8K on my phone (which has a 6.7″ screen might I add) and I could barely see the difference between 1080p or 2K and 8K, let alone 4K. So for the most part, 8K is superfluous, which is nice, because the C70 doesn’t have that option.

Two of the biggest differences between the C70 and the R5 are the price and the sensor size, as Parker Walbeck discusses, and for me, the R5 is where I’d send my money, but I’m also drawn in by the fact it’s a hybrid. How about you?

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