Car Photography – Automotive post processing tutorial – Part (7/7) Final Adjustments in Lightroom

Alright Amigos, This is the last video in this series!

I will be showing you how to to apply final adjustments to your car photo in Adobe lightroom – It’s very important to note that these adjustments transforms the final look of your car shot.

Also let me know what would you like me to cover in my next video using the comment section below – Enjoy!

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9 responses to “Car Photography – Automotive post processing tutorial – Part (7/7) Final Adjustments in Lightroom”

  1. Hey Moe thanks for sharing your workflow and especially for the free RAW file =) i dont have any good photos from a car because until now i was totally into video, but your channel made me so hot, to do some photography aswell and now i can practice alot with your raw files !!
    Do you have some files with multiple exposures aswell for free ? here in germany it is winter and i still have to wait a little bit before i get some nice cars/bikes in front of my camera =)

    great videos keep up the good work !!
    greetings from germany

  2. Hi Mo. Thanks for taking the time to record these videos. There are not many car photoshop workflow tutorials out there. I am relatively experienced in car photographing and photoshopping but still found some excellent tips in these videos. Keep it up! Thanks.

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