Character Creation in Blender Part 1

This is part 1 in a tutorial series on character creation in Blender 2.77. You can find the link to the reference image below. Enjoy!


41 responses to “Character Creation in Blender Part 1”

  1. This was definitely made for people who are already completely familiar with the program. As a beginner I was struggling to keep up. Which I do understand you can't tell me the shortcut for everything as that would take forever, but I got frustrated and nearly quit several times because I could not figure out how you did certain things. You can only Google stuff so many times before giving up when you still don't have an answer.

  2. hey so everything was going ok until i added the mirror modifier, now whenever i add loop cuts it like inverts the box/mesh? like when i tried adding those first three loop cuts on the torso, it completely inverted the mesh, as if i had scaled it in completely. im literally following the tutorial as precisely as i can, and i still cant find what went wrong? is it the mirror modifier, or am i doing something wrong?

  3. How are you able to have the vertices and lines on the mesh. My Vertices and lines are above below or inside the mesh. I would much prefer them to be stuck on the mesh so I may find them. I hope you understand what I am asking. Could you tell me please what I must select to do this? Great tutorial by the way. I do have problems with the vertices and edges not working the same as yours. Thanks

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